Our Process

Our Process

Our secret sauce: details

If you are the kind of person who appreciates:

  • Getting exactly what you dreamed about
  • Knowing in advance how the project will fit into your budget
  • Having the project managed well so you can relax and run your work and/or household without a burden of having to supervise the construction process constantly
  • Unique and out of the box approach to solving issues when they arise

If you checked at least one of the above, then

We’re pretty sure you will be pleased with what you will hear at our first meeting.

Though if we’ll be fully honest, it was not always as peachy as this.

There were quite a few rocky times and many lessons learned along the way. And then the lightbulb went off and we decided to not only improve on all those elements, but to also help our clients avoid as many potential pitfalls during the remodeling process as we possibly could. That is how HGI's Remodeling Success System came to fruition.

Our little remodeling secret

So what makes our system so much better, you might ask… and we’re so glad you did.
Here is the little secret:

Pre-construction planning process is the key.

Many other construction companies don’t do this part right because it takes time and knowledge most don't have - as they are busy chasing the next project to keep up with the cash flow or perhaps they are having a 1 yr experience over and over - for a long time.

We should know, we've been there.

However, we have also personally seen, over the years and in 250+ successful projects, what causes issues and how to fix them. We have developed an efficient HGI's Remodeling Success System that our clients absolutely love as it gives them a guarantee they will end up with exactly what they want while staying within their budget.

Still nor sure?

Our little remodeling secret

Our Promisse

What is for sure, is that when you’re one of HGI Remodeling clients you will always know these 4 things:

How much it will be
so you don’t end up having unexpected contractor charges
When it will be done
so you can plan your life around it
Who is doing the work
no Sunday 6.30 AM unannounced workers at your doorstep
What you're really getting
superior product backed by a 5-year transferrable warranty

HGI's Remodeling Success System

  • Show Answer 1) Discovery Chat
  • During our pre-construction phase, as a part of our concierge service, we will assist you with design choices, sketches and drawings so you can get a better idea of what your new space will look like and how your selections will fit into the entire picture.
  • The next step is us building an entire step-by-step blueprint for your project covering detailed scope of work, timeline, work schedules, payment schedules, and logistics. That way everybody knows what happens in which order, who is doing it, and when.
  • Once we’re all clear and on the same page with the project, we will move into the construction phase which is marked by signing our Construction agreement that benefits both parties by clearly stating what you expect from us and what we expect from you.
  • As the project is moving forward, we will be keeping you informed about the progress, our crews coming in, any other updates to ensure we all stay within the allotted budget and timeline.
  • More often than not, once we start the construction, homeowners decide to add a few more things to the list so they can get all the “dirty and chaos” stuff done at once, and we’re happy to accommodate them with those changes as they occur.
  • Upon the completion of the project, we will go over the warranty and maintenance list, and of course, a final walk through and any other maintenance tips that need to be covered.
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We’ll walk you through some of the frequently addressed concerns most clients bring up during our design process.

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