What to Look for In a Home Remodeling Quote

What to Look for In a Home Remodeling Quote



An estimate is a best guess of how much a job might cost. A quote is more exact.
Most of them are not written the same way, and most of them, when you really drill down, do not include same things.

That poses a great issue for homeowners as they try to figure out what they can expect in terms of total cost for their projects. Nearly every source urges homeowners to get 3 bids. We're yet to meet homeowners who actually enjoy this part of the process, but here are few tips that might make choosing a contractor easier.

The number you get from a contractor should be a precise calculation of all of the materials, labor and other costs involved, after a thorough consideration of all factors that affect the project.

Before you sign an agreement, make sure the contractor has done their due diligence.


Quotes and proposals that have many unknown elements should make you uneasy. The purpose of a proposal is to give you confidence in what you are paying for and what the end result of your project will be. In that spirit, don’t settle for a handwritten note with a number at the bottom.

Carefully reviewing any proposal you receive from a contractor will help you avoid:

  • Expensive building materials installed the wrong way.
  • Cutting corners or using cheap materials that don’t last in order to curb costs from a project that’s over budget.
  • Change orders and unexpected costs.
  • Miscommunication
  • Complications leading to frustration and overwhelm

All of these cost you more money, time, and patience in the end.

What a good proposal should include:

Elements Separated & Addressed Individually

Bathroom projects typically have multiple elements—a shower conversion, flooring, vanity. etc. Seeing each of these variables separated out helps you understand where the total cost is coming from so you can gauge the value of each element. A quote should be informative and empowering.


Flooring - $6300 (labor + material)

  • 320SF tile installation
  • SKU 1008778 Bohemia Leaf porcelain


The exact level of specificity can vary—but specific materials, colors and sizes should definitely be listed.


Coffee Nook - $7000 (labor + material)

  • make and install 4 custom shelves white oak 36x8x3,
  • 3x paint (stain and clear),
  • add countertop 1 Calcutta Ultra 3 cm slab,
  • above & under cabinet LED Lighting


Any build project needs a detailed plan for construction. This ensures timelines and budgets can be calculated correctly, and that any complicating factors unique to your project or space are accounted for. For example, large-scale projects are often phased over a couple of months. Mapping out the end vision before you start remodeling the first phase helps to pave the way for smooth transition to the next phase. You don’t want to have to give up your dream kitchen island extension you decided on later, in phase two, because guest bathrooms had put you over the budget.

Within a remodeling quote you should see notes that refer back to the plan, meaning the quote is informed by the plan. This is helpful, since a detailed, visual plan will show layout information a written proposal cannot. 3D images are becoming standard for this purpose, especially on larger projects so you can SEE what the actual finished space will look like and you can make crucial decisions at the right time.


"Good work isn’t cheap and cheap work isn’t good.” A good contractor will stand behind their work and offer a warranty. The range of the warranty will vary of course, but if no warranties are offered, run!

Our advice:

If you are not seeing any of this in a proposal it would be wise to seek other quotes. If you are
seeing these things in a proposal, you can feel confident your contractor has done their due diligence, and you’re probably making a smart investment.


We’re happy to give you a range of costs in an initial consultation, but to understand exactly how much your new kitchen or bathroom will cost, we’ll dig into the specifics.

When you commission a custom design, you’re really buying:

  • Peace of mind that your kitchen will turn out the way you imagined it. Every design includes a detailed 3D rendering of what your kitchen will look like when it’s finished.
  • Professional input and creative direction from experienced kitchen and bathroom remodeling experts, who happen to be very good at the design too.
  • A thorough consideration of all of the variables involved to ensure a smooth build. Design fees will range from $500-$2,500 depending on the project and are credited toward the cost of the project.

Ready for a professional quote for your home remodeling project? Let’s talk today!

Revisions are an expected part of our process, and we’ll work with you to tweak the design (and the budget) until you love it. When you see a final contract price, that’s the price you’ll pay.
End of story.

We stand behind our work. And that means a challenge we encounter is challenge we resolve.

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