Designing Your Dream Kitchen - What to Consider

Designing Your Dream Kitchen - What to Consider

How to make your kitchen remodel work for you?

Most people are completely overwhelmed when beginning a kitchen remodeling project. They know they want to do something with their kitchen, but they don’t always know what, and even when they have the idea in mind, they are not sure how to make it fit THEIR unique situation. There are hundreds of things you could do with your space and thousands of beautiful finishes to choose from. We understand that it’s complicated, and we are perfectly poised to help you navigate these tough decisions.

Before you get overwhelmed trying to choose between layout possibilities, colors, finishes, and elements, there are a few questions to ask yourself to make sure you’re going to end up with a kitchen you’ll love. We can handle the details and advise you on how to bring your vision to life; your job is to figure out what you need and want out of your new kitchen space.

Then we make your vision a reality.

What to Consider
(before starting your kitchen remodel)

How do you want to USE your kitchen?

Do you cook a lot?

Do you want to entertain?

Is your kitchen an important family gathering place?

These are the big questions you need to definitively answer before you move further into the design process—to make sure you’ll have no regrets about the finished product.

Let’s focus on you and your family for a second.

How do you envision yourselves spending time together in your perfect kitchen?

Maybe you want a large island for prepping food or perhaps you need to accommodate family meals while catching up on the latest happenings. Would you prefer the breakfast area and island to become one? Do you dream about more robust and tech-y appliances you can control with WI-FI? (Yes, you can do that!) Whatever the considerations are that your family has, discuss them! Have a brainstorming session together and come up with your top priorities.

What would an efficient kitchen look like for you?

If there is one space in your home that should be optimized for efficiency, it’s your kitchen. For you that might look like replacing the bottom storage cabinets with deep drawers to get better use out of them. Maybe high-efficiency pullouts in those same cabinets combined with a new pantry area would be the right solution for the never-ending storage chaos for your family. Whatever the cause, if your kitchen isn’t working for you, we have a solution.

Are there any MUST-HAVES? Any specific things to absolutely avoid?

Here are a few things to think about:

  • favorite color
  • material finish you'd like to incorporate
  • an upcoming change in lifestyle that might need to be considered
  • color or a feature you wish to make sure does not get included
  • how you use the spaced
  • appliances requirements
  • concealed storage

Is the kitchen open to the rest of the home, or will it be after the remodel, and how will that affect the flooring?

it's a good idea to start thinking about the domino effect when it comes to flooring. Where does the current flooring end? How will it transition?

This usually becomes quite important with matching different flooring choices.

How would you describe your style?

This is a question you should consider ESPECIALLY if you don’t know the answer to it. It’s important to know what styles, colors, and textures make you feel the most at-home and comfortable.

Once you’ve made a decision, we can head to design with materials in mind. It’s helpful to see your design in 3D before you start on the actual build or installation, so you can evaluate material costs and styles together. This way you know what the finished product will look like, and get a chance to make any last- minute changes before construction.

These are the kinds of questions we will walk you through when you are considering your kitchen project. We are more than happy to supply ideas and offer input, but we want your new kitchen space to be designed specifically to fit your family’s personality, priorities, and lifestyle.


Thinking through these ideas will help give us (and you) a better idea of what you want.

If you have questions about what might be possible in your space or if you feel like you need inspiration, let us know. We can help. Just give us a call today!

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