German Build Quality, Attention to Detail, Expertise

German Build Quality, Attention to Detail, Expertise

Harsh truth: nothing works absolutely perfectly all of the time.

Here at HGI Remodeling, we are aware that every remodel we do is one-of-a-kind, unique like you are, and we make 110% effort to help our clients improve their comfort, style, and value in their properties while staying within their timeline and budget.
Because we have 20+ years of experience with construction, design, and selling real estate for a profit, that gives us a very unique perspective on projects that come to us.
Over the years, we used our experience to fine-tune our processes and prevent numerous pitfalls many homeowners, though unknowingly, often fall prey to.
This new way of remodeling, using HGI's proven Remodeling Success System makes us different from any other remodeling company as we help homeowners navigate effortlessly these essentially complex projects with clarity, and detailed planning to drastically minimize costly surprises.
PLUS strong, decades-long, background and numerous trips across Europe have created a foundation for German quality craftsmanship and fusion of European and American style reflected in our design suggestions as well as in our work integrity.

Why are we different?

We believe above all else:

  • Standing behind our word even when no none is watching
  • Creating quality craftsmanship and design customers can be proud of for years to come
  • Clarity makes for great relationships

Best on Houzz

4 Consecutive Years

HGI Remodeling - Houston's award-winning remodeling company voted Best of Houzz Service Award 4 years in a row. Only 5% of companies qualify for this prestigious award, according to


Quality Workmanship

20+ years of working in Germany has given us a strong foundation for setting up the bar high. We are proud of our workmanship backed by a 5-year transferrable warranty and our clients love us for it.


Homes Transformed And Upgraded

We help homeowners create 'I LOVE IT!" and "It was, oh, so worth it!" spaces in their homes that will also complement their homes in design and investment.


Satisfied Clients

True story: clients cried (tears of joy) when selling their home, after our updates, for much more than expected which allowed them to buy the home of their dreams in Hawaii - and we loved helping them every minute of it!

family owned and operated

We're family owned and operated

We often get asked: what does HGI stand for? Hisshou Group name was based on Japanese (kanji) meaning Certain Victory. It is a famous traditional slogan used all the time in media, movies, pop culture and comics. Nope, we have no connections to Japanese culture, but still love the meaning of it.

Nenad “Nanoo” Missbrener possesses a wide range of construction experience. From building custom super high end range hoods in white gloves - literally, to running large scale demolitions for numerous TMobile locations in Germany, then remodeling residential and commercial spaces here in Houston for over a decade.

Nanoo is a man of many talents and even though he very much has an eye for design (you should see the art pieces he’s painted) he leans on his wife, Aleksandra for curating design suggestions for materials during our concierge offering to our clients and administrative support. So she will happily assist you in making your design process as easy and fun as possible, and occasionally you may get an email or a phone call from her directly.

Nanoo met Aleksandra in kindergarten, and yes, he did not leave things to chance so he notoriously used to pull her golden locks to get her attention for years to come. Today, they live happily in Spring, Texas with her son and 3 very luvy-dovy cats.

When Nanoo is not making his clients' visions come true, you will find him working in his home-based art studio or sipping on a Turkish cup of coffee with his wife.

- - -

We have created many happy stories for our clients, and we’d be honored to do the same for you.

Nano & Aleksandra

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We are honored to be featured on the Houzz magazine with our home improvement recommendations.
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Street Rumor
Street Rumor...

We had our kitchen remodeled by Nanoo with HGI several years ago. He did a wonderful job. He was reasonably priced and dependable. Later we had our downstairs bedroom and bathroom suite updated. He tore out the old cabinets and replaced them with modern free standing units. We had the carpet replaced with laminate and the walls and ceilings painted. It is like being in a high end vacation suite. There was no doubt in our mind that when it came time to update the entire upstairs that we would use Nanoo’s services again. We planned a cruise so we gave him access to our home while we were gone. We came home to a beautiful new bathroom in the upstairs master. The old worn carpeting was replaced with laminate and a fresh coat of paint for cabinets, walls and ceilings completely changed our dowdy upstairs into a haven where we can proudly host our family and friends when they visit. We had no problem giving Nanoo access to our home while we were gone as he is as honest as he is competent and dependable.

What our customers

say about our services

Suzanne Le 3/15/2023

My husband and I reached out to HGI Remodeling in April 2021. We asked them to help us with our kitchen remodeling and with Nanoo’s help, we were able to design it how we wanted. Nanoo was valuable when we had questions and was quick to offer advice from his experiences. HGI Remodeling’s Design service was not available at that time, so I made the design decisions. I chose the finishes and did most of the shopping myself. Nanoo did have supplier ... continue reading

Diane Flint 3/6/2023

HGIREMODELING was extremely fastidious from start to finish. They worked with my schedule. We remodeled top to bottom. Nanoo was always happy to offer recommendations and worked for us with the vendors to ensure we received the best quality cabinets and stone and also assisted us with upgrades. I can’t say enough good words of how pleased and happy we were with the finished kitchen! I love my kitchen!

Jersain Rodriguez 3/3/2023

HGI do a great work clean and professional I will recommend


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